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Universal Fire Control Group

  • $69.00

If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need it.  If you do know what this is where are you going to find one this nice?

Grip Stick for kit built and home designs attaches via two small lugs.

6061 aluminum, CNC milled



  • uses the flat top model for square receiver builds.
  • radius model for 1.5" tube gun type builds.
  • Perfect for Sten type builds.
  • Use for Parts Kit builds or home built Designs

  • No FFL Required -- this is not a Firearm
  • Uses standard AR 15 FCG.

  • Limitless applications (50BMG to scrap builds)

  • Sold W/O FCG $69.00.

  • These WILL NOT fit an AR 15 upper receiver. They are designed as an easy solution for the home builder to use.

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